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Production Process

Here you can see our production process, We produce 500,000 ~1 million cake board every month, and we strictly control every production link, to ensure the quality of products.

Our products have passed the SGS test report and can be used at ease. Our bakery packaging supplies wholesale are sold all over the world, no matter in any celebration occasion and activity, cake board is always the most important role, indispensable.

We hope to bring sweetness and beauty to the world so that everyone can use our sunshine cake board!!

Material preparation

Material Preparation

Cut corrugated cardboard

Cut Corrugated Cardboard

Cut corrugated cardboard

Cut Corrugated Cardboard

Prepare some paper to wrap around the cake tin

Prepare Some Paper to Wrap Around the Cake Board

Wrap the paper around the cake tin (5)

Wrap the Paper Around the Cake Board

Cover the cake board with glue and aluminum foil

Cover the Cake Board with Glue and Aluminum Foil

Flatten the cake plate to prevent it from bending (2)

Flatten the Cake Board to Prevent It from Bending

Pre-shipment inspection (3)

Pre-Shipment Inspection

Wrap in shrink wrap, neat and clean (2)

Wrap in Shrink wrap, Neat and Clean

Pack for shipment (1)

Pack for Shipment

Fast Shipment

Cake Board paper came out


Production Equipment

Name Quantity
Die cutter 3
Cutter 1
Board cutter 1
Heat shrinkable packaging machine 3
Automatic sticker machine 1
Assembly line of stickers 2
Dehumidifiers 3

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