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Since 2013, we are a certified and experienced bakery packaging supplier, specializing in the development and manufacture of various custom cake boards, cake boxes, ribbons, custom stickers and more.

As a wholesale supplier of the best bakery one-stop service, with sufficient knowledge to do business with overseas customers, our company offers baking packaging products with high quality and environmentally friendly materials at very competitive prices.

We have a lot of big customers all over the world, operating wholesale stores and cake shops.

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--Baking packaging research and development

--Packaging product design and manufacture

--Packaging industry project management

--Wholesale and custom baking packaging supplies

--Save your purchasing and operating costs

Sunshine Cake Board supports you by making it easy to bake, decorate and display cakes, cupcakes and other delicious artwork, perfect for everyone to see your artwork.

Sunshine Cake Board will customize the production of cake boards of different shapes according to the design and shape desired by customers for use in different occasions.

Sunshine Baking Packaging offers a variety of patterned cake boards to match with different styles. Colorful cake boards make our lives colorful too. 

This cake board from 4 inches to 30 inches has excellent stability. It's sturdy enough to hold heavy decorated cakes and can be reused,cake drum can be customized in various sizes.

Advantages of Wholesale Custom Cake Drum

Sunshine Baking Packaging is your professional partner for cake packaging and decoration.
Take inspiration from the process we communicate together and develop your ideas and designs to perfection.
Customize everything you can imagine and your guests will be delighted with your creations.

Good for brand marketing
Save your operating costs
Competitive price
Fast and reliable mass production
Faster preparation time
Good for brand marketing

Enhance your brand with a custom cake board or custom cake box packaged by Sunshine Baking. To get the best return on your marketing campaign investment, you need functional brand wholesale custom cake boards.

Save your operating costs

Order a large number of wholesale custom cake drums at one time, which can greatly save your operating costs, both in terms of procurement costs and transportation costs (because wholesale order prices and bulk shipping costs are more favorable) for you Businesses save more costs and gain more profits.

Competitive price

For mass wholesale customization, you can get a quotation that is closer to the cost of raw materials, without any extra overhead and expense, you can get the quotation of the product at the lowest price.

Fast and reliable mass production

Confirm the quantity and information of your mass production order in advance, in the case of mass customization, we will give priority to the order of the same product, because to avoid the unnecessary cost of readjusting the production machine.
Your bulk orders can be produced, packaged, and shipped more quickly, safely, efficiently, and with guaranteed quality. Don't delay your sales plan.

Faster preparation time

After we negotiate and complete the order details together, our professional team will collect, record, and remark according to your order requirements, and complete the order production in an efficient manner. When placing another order, if there are no additional special modification requirements, we will prepare your order faster according to the records of the first order and help you complete the purchase plan quickly!

At SunShine Packinway, we pride ourselves on being a premier supplier of bakery packaging supplies. Our extensive range includes everything from bakery packaging supplies wholesale to pastry packaging supplies, ensuring that your baked goods are well-protected and beautifully presented. We offer bulk bakery packaging and cake packaging supplies, tailored to meet the needs of bakeries of all sizes.

Our bakery packaging solutions include custom options to match your brand identity, such as custom bakery packaging supplies and custom baking boxes. We serve as a bakery packaging solutions supplier, providing innovative and practical packaging for baked goods. Whether you need packaging for pastry products or baked goods packaging supplies wholesale, we have you covered.

Additionally, we are a trusted cake board manufacturer and provide wholesale bakery packaging to ensure you have everything you need for your bakery operations. Our packaging supplies china and bakery supplier in china services make it easy to source high-quality packaging materials at competitive prices.

For those looking for bakery packaging supplies near me, we offer a wide selection of bakery products packaging and bakery packaging solutions supplier services, ensuring timely delivery and top-notch quality. Whether you're a small local bakery or a large commercial operation, SunShine Packinway is your go-to source for all your bakery packaging needs.

We provide customized services

Our factory can customize cake drums of any shape, any color, any size, any thickness according to your needs.

We own the entire supply chain and therefore have complete creative control over manufacturing.

As long as you provide us with the exact information and design draft, or our professional team will help you to create any work you want - we can make any shape, size, thickness or color and love for your promotional projects Work.

We can customize any aspect of your project and create personalized labels, colors and styles.

Have a few ideas? No problem, you can order samples now, and we can provide you with free samples.


The team discusses customized solutions for the customer


Custom cake drum shapes


Custom cake drum color


Custom cake drum size

Product Specifications

Product name Cake Drum
Color Sliver,Gold,White,Pink,Red,Blue,Green,Black...(more OEM custom colors for you)
Material Double Corrugated Paper Board,Solid Board
Size 4inch-30inch/Customized any size
Thickness 6mm,12mm,14mm,15mm,18mm,24mm/Customized any thickness
Logo Acceptable Customer's Logo &  Brand
Shape Round,Sqaure,Rectangle,Oblong,Heart,Hexagon,Petal and Customized Shaped
Pattern Regular Patterns/Customised Patterns (Different Aluminium foil embossed Pattern available to choose)
Package 1-5 Pcs/shrink wrap/Customized Packaging
MOQ 500pcs/size    

Wholesale Custom Cake Drums to Grow Your Brand

Custom cake boards are very effective in promoting your business and they provide an amazing return on investment.

Custom bakery packaged products are items that your customers will use on a regular basis. This everyday use means your customers will be very familiar with your brand and even help promote your brand to their friends, family and anyone they happen to meet while using your custom bakery packaging products.

Buying high-volume, custom-packed products ensures better prices and makes the most of your marketing budget.

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--Sunshine Baking Packaging is one of the most professional and largest wholesale manufacturers of cake boards in China.

--Since 2013, we have started the wholesale business of custom cake boards and aspired to be the top wholesale supplier of custom cake boards in China.

--We have an international production workshop, which has achieved the scale of modern assembly line production. There are about 2,000 square meters of factory buildings, with a production capacity of 8,000-10,000 products a day.

 --Efficiency and high quality are our foundation. Win-win cooperation is a long-term solution.

 --Sunshine Baking Co., Ltd. is based on "your needs, my pursuit" for every friend who trusts us, and strives to make every product more in line with your requirements.

--To provide customers with a variety of meticulous and professional services, I hope you will pay attention to the store's frequent updates, as well as various preferential activities.

--Take less detours for your needs, and work with you to make your business stronger and bigger.



"Hi Joy, i am so happy to recvied my cake drum , it is so perfect ,like it very much!!!."


— Manelle Bouafassa



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"Thank u Fiona.Say thank u.To everybody.There who worked making.My cake drums."

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I love them.They are beautiful,great quality and easy to put together.

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