China's First Custom Baking Packaging Manufacture

Since 2013, Sunshine Packaging has become a successful supplier of custom bakery packaging in China, offering wholesale order business for custom cake boards. If what you are looking for can’t be found here, please click here contact us: sales@cake-boards.net, our sunshine team will reply you as soon as possible to help you solve all your needs. Customers can personalize any of our custom wholesale cake boards or custom wholesale cake boxes with desired size, thickness, color and shape as well as LOGO and branding. The original intention of Sunshine Packaging is only one: wholesale high-quality customized bakery packaging products. Partner with Sunshine Packaging to inspire customer loyalty to your brand across all of your sales initiatives.

Sunshine Packaging offers you the best custom bakery packaging wholesale factory professional products, wholesale personalized cake boards and cake boxes to enhance your brand and logo. To help you get the best return on your marketing campaign investment, we provide you with functional wholesale custom branded packaging products that provide ongoing promotional appeal while being useful to your customers’ everyday lives.

Our Brand Story

Melissa, a young mother with her passion for baking and love for her family,

has devoted herselfinto baking packaging industry and set up PACKINWAY 9 years ago.

Started as a manufacturer for cake board and cake box,cake base board wholesale

now PACKINWAY has become a one-stop supplier offering full service and full range (Vertical Setup Service)of products in baking.

In PACKINWAY—Cake Board Manufacturers, you can have customized baking related products including but not limitto baking moulds, tools, deco-ration, fancy cake boards, diy cake board and disposable cake boards packaging.

  • Melissa

Professional Cake Board And Cake Box Wholesale Custom Manufacturer

 As a professional packaging manufacturer and supplier for bakery products, we deeply know what customers’ requests. We use the best material, design the most attractive artwork and do the best manual work, try to finish an artwork not just a product.Bring the most professional and high-quality customized cake board and cake box to our partners.

Sunshine Packaging is China’s premier wholesale custom cake boards supply manufacturer, offering a wide range of options when you’re looking for the perfect custom bakery packagingCake Boards, Cake Drums, Cake Base Board, MDF Cake Boards, Cupcake Boxes and Cake Stands, and a Variety of Cake Boxes and gift boxes; there are many perfect custom bakery packaging wholesales to meet the needs of your customers and any one of your business’s marketing campaigns.

As well-established cooperation business, we have built up a great reputation of giving our customers the personal touch in supplying them with all their cake and bakery needs.I believe Sunshine will be your best cake board suppliers.

Why Choose SunShine

Rich industry experience, excellent team, sincere service, high-quality products and fast efficiency will make you satisfied!

1. Professional: Specializing in the production of cake boards and cake boxes, with 9 years of experience.

2. Price: we are the direct factory will supply you with high quality products quote the most competitive prices.

3. Free charge of sample: Any sample we provide free of charge.

4. Fast  delivery   time: High efficiency is our business philosophy.


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What Our customer Say?

What Our customer Say?