Cake Base Board

Sunshine Packinway Bakery Packaging provides you with a round, heart-shaped, square, rectangular cake base board,large cake base board & cake drums wholesale and more other shapes to choose from basic gold, silver, white, black or diy cake board colors. And cake base boards in a variety of sizes, colors and thicknesses.

We are cake base manufacturers,we produce High-quality cake cardboard base that are reliable and easy to stack and store, Our cake board factory be good at cake base board craft,so you can see our cake base board smooth edge without any marks. The top has a high finish and the cake bottom board is perfect.You can get cake base board wholesale at cheap price and good quality.

If you want to know where to buy cake base board?----We are cake base board manufacturer, our cake base board is suitable for any cake to use, allowing the perfect combination of your cake creations with cake board base!The cake base board material is using food-grade and cake base board price is cheap.Put your muffins, cupcakes, large cakes or other baking artwork, making it a better experience to showcase your cake or cupcake creations.